MERCI LA VIE is for sale

Monaco Knight 40’ Pusher diesel 2006 - 88,000 mi - Québec, Canada registration

$94995. CAD

“Merci la vie" is looking for new adventurers!

Already more than five years that we live, travel and work full time onboard of our motorhome, a Monaco Knight 40 'named "Merci la vie". 
 We left Québec, Canada in May 2014, where we had sold everything, we traveled thousands of KM in search of discoveries and experiences between Canada, the United States and Mexico. We have so many stories to share! 
 Since we became residents in Mexico, we knew after a while, that we, unfortunately, had to leave our house on wheels. Because we can not import "Merci la vie" in Mexico. 
 It is with a twinge in the heart that we are sending in the universe, the message that “Merci la vie” is for sale, a message that we wish, will be heard by people who also want to live the adventure.
A Monaco Knight brand, 40 ‘ length, diesel pusher with 6 automatic speeds. It is a high-quality RV that keeps its resale value. Our RV has 4 extensions, two awnings, two AC units, one 8000 watts generator, indoor and outdoor showers, day and night stores at all windows, green energy with 750 watts of solar panels, and so much more ... click the link on your left to see the complete list of all its options .
“Merci la vie” is especially impeccable in terms of mechanics and cosmetics. We pampered it like a real house. We visited, on a regular schedule, our garages (Mexico, USA and Canada) to change or replace what we needed to change or update: oil change (transmission, engine), air filter, greasing, change of all liquids (coolant ...), engine belt, 6 new tires, rustproof under the body, 3 new batteries (for solar system) , various general check-ups and updates, ongoing maintenance check.
We also made an extreme transformation inside: a two-year project to revamp its look: stripping woodwork, dyeing cabinets, painting walls, changing chairs, enlarging the space by removing the horrible valences, etc ... You can read about the extreme transformation and our little secrets.
"Merci la vie" will charm you with its warm appearance, its living space that makes a small apartment on a wheel, its many options, and amenities that allow you unparalleled comfort and ease of driving to hit the road! "Merci la vie” is presently located in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Several options to visit. Let’s just talk to find a solution that will please everyone:

- Between October 2019 and February 2020: You have just spent a little vacation in Mexico and give a try of “Merci la vie” in the state of Oaxaca.

-From February 2020: our RV will be stored in Texas ... Oyé to Texas-Arizona RV’rs Snowbirds!

You have never experienced RV life or even driving one? No problem, we will be happy to put you in the saddle!

Looking forward to meeting you onboard "Merci la vie”!

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